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Fernacre stone circle below rough tor , bodmin moors

' Greeting the Rising Sun'- Bodmin Moor

Acrylic on canvas 40cx40cm 

To me, these stone monuments are timelessness: the use the sun as a marker for passing time and seasons. Watching the sun rise and shadows move is a shared human experience connecting us to the experience of our late Neolithic ancestors who originally assembled the  stones. 

Fernacre stone circle sits in a broad basin of open moorland below the dominating Rough Tor, Bodmin Moor.  In this spot Brown Willy stands due east, Rough Tor is due north, and Garrow Tor lies south. There are traces of late Neolithic and early bronze age settlement and structures all around. It is well worth an explore. 


Limited edition print: HelenKuumbi - Etsy UK

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