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Echoes in the landscape

A collection of paintings exploring the remnants of the past and history's traces on the landscape. Considering how the natural landscape has been shaped and scarred by man and manipulated by time, thinking about how stories persist and are reinvented.  Experimenting with how paint can be manipulated, how the process can relate to a narrative. 


 From ancient stones to industrial ruins, created 2020-2023

Exhibited August 2022 at Garrison Gallery and Awenek Studio July 2021 in a joint show with artist Rosie French, 

Echoes in a landscape, mixed media, oil and acrylic

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Paintings in this collection 

Haze - A historic view of foss quay, Millbrook, mixed media, 34x44cm, £130

Evaporate - Yellowmead Stone circle, Dartmoor, mixed media, 34x44cm £140

Dissipate - Southdown, Millbrook, Cornwall, 44x34cm, mixed media sold 

Calling - standing stone at Drizzlecombe, Dartmoor, 55x55cm, acrylic on canvas £220

Assume - KIng Arthurs Hall, Bodmin Moor, acrylic on canvas, 15x15cm £60

Subsume - Emblance Down, Bodmin Moor, acrylic on canvas, 15x15cm £60

Foss under Mist - Foss Quay, Millbrook, Cornwall, oil on canvas 34x54 £240

Dirty Valley- Devon great consoles mine, oil on canvas, 41x31xm, sold

Greeting the Rising Sun- Fernacre stone circle, Bodmin Moor, acrylic on canvas 40x40cm sold

Hello Summer - Fernacre Stone circle, acrylic on canvas, sold 

Dodbrook Whether - triptech of historic cottages in Dodbrook, Millbrook, mixed media, sold 

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