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See Closer 

A growing, evolving collection of artworks, seascapes and paintings of the oceans surface in oil. Experimenting with colour, mood and mindful observation and painting. 

Small format Seascapes

Small format seascapes series

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Layered harmony and a cacophony of colour, Discover the secret of static motion, of unsung poetry, of timelessness everchanging shapeshifting unity.

What is it to look at the sea?

To reflect, to refract, to respond.

to form and fold and fall.

Workshops and tutorials
workshop and tutorials

Are you interested in learning how to paint the sea? I have delivered a number of workshops, in acrylic and oil that explore my process. These are workshops based around a number of activities, rather than a 'how to demo' so participants leave with a unique artwork and a new set of techniques for their 'creative toolbox'. Individual or small group sessions, SE Cornwall. E mail for more information. 

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