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'Painters Of Maker'
Past And Present 

Now at The Garrison Gallery, Maker Heights, Cornwall

butterfly in the storm.jpg
Cornish Art seascape boat


The Garrisons Gallery opening exhibition brings together a diverse collective of painters who have been resident at Maker Heights, Cornwall, over the last couple decades.

A particularly relevant opening show for a time when the existing artistic community at Maker and the site as a whole faces uncertainty and change. The historically important site is set in an area of outstanding natural beauty and of special scientific interest.


This collection is just a snap shot of the numerous artists whose journeys have been facilitated the affordability of studio space and the supportive environment, highlighting the value of the site as a cultural and
community asset . You can find out more about this aspect of Maker  through the Maker Memories Project

Other artists featured at the exhibition:

Andy Knights 

Huhtamaki Wab
Jason Blackmore 
Jill Holland
John Chan 
Heath Hearn
Katy Brown
JK Lawson 
Linda Dunstone
Alethea Koos
Rosie French

Jim Woolly 
R K Blades 

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