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Lyhner sailinng barge seascape
lyhner sailing barge seascape 2

Coming and going - acrylic on canvas, 40x50cm each 

For Sale £140 each (+optional framing) 

Just round the corner from me is the Lyhner, a tamar sailing barge built in 1885 who lay as a wreck on the muddy banks of the river Lyhner for many years but is now restored and sailing again. I painted her old friend the Millom Castle back along who rests and decays in a quiet spot I like to kayak to. 

Using a split complimentary palette, I’ve been playing with glazes to try and get richer colours using the transparency of raw sienna and phthalo blue. Imagined seascapes from hours of watching ripples and waves. I have really enjoyed the experimental process of these and plans for similar.  

Find out more>boat-history 

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