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'Calm no.1 ' oil on canvas, 15x15cm

Small format seascape, a rippled surface and hazy skies in soft blues.

What's new

Limited edition Prints and Cards of 'Greeting the Rising Sun' 

Fernacre stone circle in the valley below the mighty Rough tor, its form distinct in the landscape for miles around. The rising sun and new day seeps in from the east. A gentle and simple colour palette suited this moment.

Fernacre is part of a huge and complex prehistoric landscape on the slopes of Rough Tor, Bodmin Moor. Amongst the granite clitter are the traces of people who inhabited the land for millennia, from the neolithic to the iron age; hut circles, causeways, stone circles. But to be here in the early morning is to be amongst grazing animals and ground nesting birds in a landscape void of human presence.

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